Substance abuse is a progressive illness which leads individuals to lose control of the use of some substances inspite of deterioration in health and other aspects of life. Generally, people perceive substance use as a factor of will, which can be easily stopped when an individual feels like doing that. The reality cannot be further than that. Substance use like alcohol, cigarette, weeds, ganja, and drugs can be very hard to stop after taking it regularly and in increasing doses. Proper treatment procedures are there for treating substance abuse. Intensive treatment and therapy are required to fight the battle against substance use.

  1. Pharmacotherapy: For treating people with substance abuse, medication plays a huge role. Medicines are used to manage cravings, dealing with withdrawal symptoms and to prevent relapse. Most of the time, medications are used to achieve full remission. One has to meet Psychiatrist for treating substance use through medicine.
  2. B Counselling: There are different counselling techniques which are used for treating children, adolescents and adults with substance use. Counselling is generally given by psychologists with specialisation in clinical psychology/addiction. The different counselling techniques used are:

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