As the world celebrates ‘International Day for the Elderly on 1st October to spread awareness regarding the contributions of geriatric people and their importance in society, let us take this opportunity to shed some light on the psychological health of senior citizens . According to the WHO census, in India, 8.6 % of the population constitutes Older People in which almost 17 million older adults are suffering from mental health concerns. Suicide is one such major and rising concern in this age group. According to research, the suicide rates in older adults are much higher due to the methods used by them, the grief of losing someone, their low chances of being discovered/ rescued by anyone, and their deteriorating health may lead to a low recovery rate. There are several risk factors that may lead to suicidal behavior such as Psychological disorders, low financial conditions, deteriorating physical health conditions , and functional impairment or mobility issues. It is important to understand these risk factors and identify the signs of suicidal tendencies in the geriatric population for preventing the same. Here you can always have a consultation with the best mental health care service near you in Mumbai.

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